Welcome to the Urban Design Institute of South Africa

UDISA is a voluntary, non-profit association of urban designers and associate members that wish to contribute to the aims of the organisation.

As a profession, urban design pursues and prioritises the public good and operates in terms of a code of conduct that reflects this. The actions of the urban designer are directed towards the attainment of ecologically, socially, and economically sustainable environments.


The objectives of UDISA are to promote greater public awareness of the value of and need for urban design and to develop its educational, institutional, and professional capacity and potential.

The aims of UDISA are to
  • Promote a greater awareness among government bodies, associated built environment professions, development agents, and the public of the benefits of urban design.
  • Promote urban design as a career path for students and potential students.
  • Build cooperative relationships with sister fields within the built environment including architecture, landscape architecture, civil engineering, heritage resource management, environmental management, and transport planning.

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